Would you send me a tweet tweet tweet my sweet sweet sweet heart.

Awww. Just bloggin in Englsih this time

I found two artist on youtube, Josh Golden and Chester See. They're just awesome :'D My actual favorite song: Twitter Love. Here the vid:

Love it <3

Love these two guys (;So, what do you think about them? I'd love to get a feedback from u.

So. That's it.

But. Wait. I also wanna get a feedback for that one, it's named Augenblicke & Momente

Thanks & xoxo




18.4.10 20:44

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Philipp (19.4.10 18:35)
Hehe (: <3

Philipp (19.4.10 18:36)
Ups, der kommentar sollte zum beitrag unten trunter c: ..

Beggy / Website (19.4.10 21:00)
Passiert :'D

Ich weiß, was du meinst (;
Danke <3

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